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My sewer is blocked, will I have to replace it?

Not always.  Blocked sewer are most commonly caused by the following:

  • Roots that grow through cracks or joints in sewer pipe.

  • Feminine hygiene products

  • Paper towel (depending on brand & type it may not entirely dissolve)

  • Some thicker toilet paper brands

  • Baby / personal Wipes (even those claiming to be flushable)

  • Cleaning wipes (even those claiming to be flushable)

Shea Bros. has the professional tools required to clear blockages such as but not limited to those listed above.  If problems persist Shea Bros. can utilize video investigation to diagnose the issue and suggest an affordable solution.

If my sewer is not blocked by the items listed above, what might be the problem

There are a number of types of sewer pipe that have been used over the years.  In the Windsor-Essex area clay tile, asbestos cement, cast iron, ABS and PVC pipe have been used for lateral sewer connections.

Each of these pipes has different compositions and qualities.  Some of the older types of pipe listed above can be subject to deformation, deterioration and collapse.  SDR 28 PVC is now the most commonly installed pipe used in our area for sewer lateral connections underground.  This type of pipe is far less prone to failure than some of the older types of pipe used in our area over the years.  A video investigation may be required in order to properly diagnose the reasons for a blocked sewer.

Are there certain types of toilet paper and/or disposable wipes that may clog my toilet and sewer?

Some thicker brands of toilet paper that do not dissolve very quickly in water can cause blockages especially if used in large quantity.  Recently some brands of baby, personal and cleaning wipes are claiming to be flushable.  This isnít always the case.  These products are better disposed of in the trash can.

My sewer needs to be repaired or replaced.  What are my options?

Generally speaking there are 3 common types of sewer replacement: open cut excavation, horizontal boring, and re-lining.  Open cut excavation involves digging an open trench and replacing the existing sewer lateral with new PVC pipe.  Horizontal boring is done by digging two pits and boring a horizontal hole between the pits slightly larger than the diameter of the PVC pipe to be installed.  The PVC pipe is then pushed through the hole to create a new sewer lateral.  In the City of Windsor a video inspection must be performed and a copy of the video must be presented to the Public Works department who then examine the video to see if the sewer is eligible for the relining process.

What will sewer repair / replacement cost?

Without visiting the site and gathering information about the specific sewer lateral and sewer main in question it would be impossible to quote a firm price for the repair/replacement work.  Shea Bros. offers no charge / no obligation estimate visits.  Our estimator will inspect the site, gather information from the property owner and then come back to the office to prepare a quote for the proposed solution.

Why should I consider Shea Bros. for my sewer repair/replacement needs?

Shea Bros. has been in business in Windsor-Essex since 1987.  We are on the City of Windsor prequalified contractor list for PDC (private drain connection) replacements.  We have been repairing and replacing sewers in the Windsor-Essex area since 1987.  We offer quality work at reasonable prices and stand by our work well after we leave the jobsite.

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